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Freedom Flight

Freedom Flight was a once in a lifetime opportunity for young students to relive some of the most pivotal points in our nation’s history through the eyes of the heroes who fought for us.

It created an opportunity for students to make a direct connection to history, and sacrifices made by our veterans and how it shapes the world around us.

The result was an innovative learning experience that engaged students in middle and high schools across curriculum.  Just as importantly, it served as a model of public/private partnership to address the school funding crisis.  It was ground-breaking and never had been done before.

Why is this important? … Connecting students to the values of courage, hard work, tenacity and sacrifice is important in an increasingly digital world that can pull us away from a sense of who we are and what matters.  How we do this, as well as provide enriching educational experiences in a world of shrinking budgets is one of our nation’s greatest crises.

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