mAAgic flight

It is just as important to work small as it is to think big. Ultimately, one of the greatest impacts for social change is to empower an individual with the belief that they can make a positive difference and to motivate them through personal experience.

mAAgic flight changes the lives of children with chronic or life-threatening medical conditions as well as the lives of those who make their dream happen. The program brings the children and their families from around the world on American Airlines and American Eagle for a vacation at  Give Kids The World Village® in Florida.

Colleyville Middle School joins their Teen Leadership students with other volunteers to help create this experience. Participation in  mAAgic℠ flight motivates and empowers the students with the belief that even they can make a difference that can be life changing. Big things can start in small steps.

Why is this important? … Empathy is a critical skill for leaders – our world is rapidly changing and increasingly we compete globally. Empathy allows a leader to identify opportunities, solve problems and more effectively lead people.

Developing empathy as a critical leadership skill is important for better business, team and individual performance. We need more opportunities like this to help transform young people into tomorrow’s leaders.

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